Howto decrypt a file

NOTE: You can only decrypt files, if you have one private key, the file is encrypted for. You can identify the private keys by the "bunch of keys"-image in front of the name in the keylist (in this case Bobby):

private key hint

There are five steps to decrypt a file. We assume, that Alice wants to decrypt a file, which is encrypted for her (that is, while encrytion her key was chosen).

STEP 1: Open file en-/decryption dialog

First Alice chooses the file cryption dialog in the menu. Alternatively, she could just hit the "File-Cryption"-button in the toolbar.

open file cryption dialog

STEP 2: Choose decrypt

Secondly she chooses decrypt.

choose decrypt

STEP 3: Choose input-/outputfile

Now she chooses the input- and outputfile. The inputfile has to be the encrypted file

choose the input- and outputfile

STEP 4: Hit ok

Now she hits the ok-button

hit ok

STEP 5: Enter passphrase

Now she enters the passphrase of her key and hits the ok-button.

enter passphrase

Afterwards the ok-message is displayed.

ok message