Howto encrypt a file

There are five steps to encrypt a file. We assume, that Bobby wants to encrypt a file for Alice and for himself (means, that he and Alice can decrypt the file, both of them with their own private key). So he has to have Alice's and his own public key.

STEP 1: Open file en-/decryption dialog

First Bobby opens the file cryption dialog through the menu. Alternatively, she could just hit the "File-Cryption"-button in the toolbar.

open file-cryption dialog

STEP 2: Choose encrypt

Secondly he chooses encrypt.

choose encrypt

STEP 3: Choose input-/outputfile

Now he chooses the input- and outputfile. When he chooses the inputfile, the same name with an appended .asc is made as suggestion for the output-file.

choose input- and outputfile

STEP 4: Choose the keys

Now he chooses the users' keys, the file should be encrypted for. Be aware, that he also has to choose his own key, if he wants to be able to decrypt the file afterwards.

choose keys

STEP 5: Hit ok

Now he hits the ok-button

hit ok button

After this the ok-message is displayed.