Howto export a private key

There are five simple steps for exporting a private keys. We assume, that Bobby wants to export his private key to save it to disk and put it in an fireproofed tresor.
NOTE: You should really be careful with your private key, because everyone, who has this key, can encrypt all messages and texts encrypted for this key, if he also has your keys passphrase.

STEP 1: Open the key management

First Bobby opens the key management through the toolbar.

open key management

STEP 2: Open key property dialog

Secondly he opens the key property dialog of his key through the context menu.

select show key details

STEP 3: Hit the "export private key"-button

Now he hits the "export private key"-button

hit the export private key button

STEP 4: Confirm warn message

Now he confirms the warn message.

confirm warn message

STEP 5: Choose file

Finally he chooses a file, where he wants to save the key.